Looking for a unique way to serve your favorite Tequila!

Salt Tequila Shot Glasses

Salt Tequila GlassesThese beautiful, functional all natural Salt Tequila Glasses are an awesome way to add elegant presentation and gourmet flavor to your Tequila Party!

Treat your guests to a tasty shot of Tequila they will rave about for months, or make an unforgettable impression at your next business deal with these flavorful, natural salt glasses!

Salt Shot Glasses are hand crafted from 100% pure Himalayan Salt crystal creating one of a kind, functional works of art with beautiful, natural color striations.

Salt Tequila Glasses are naturally anti-microbial, so maintenance is as simple and easy as rinsing with water and drying with a towel!  While not in use, they also make a beautiful display and great conversation piece for a kitchen counter, kitchen table or bar, especially when displayed with a salt block!

Himalayan Salt Stone Cutting Board Shot Glasses Glass Set 1

Your guests are sure to compliment your earthy sense of style and the great taste the salt lends to your beverages, while you can feel great knowing that you are using a 100% natural salt with no preservatives, anti-caking agents, gluten or additives!  

Whether your occasion is a Holiday, wedding, birthday or business meeting, Salt Shot Glasses are perfect for adding rich flavor and unique presentation that is sure to spark conversation among your guests! 

More great ideas for incorporating this unique salt into your next party:

  • Try a new twist on an old adult beverage by serving Tequila shots or other spirits in Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses! How about an Ocean Blue Himalayan Salt Margarita?
  • To add fun and flavor to your next party, grill your feast on Organic Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks, or  tones to add gourmet flavor to meats, vegetables and even salty and sweet desserts with a unique, natural salt flavor!
  • Forget Fondue! Heat a salt block on your BBQ grill and place it on a trivet or cutting board in the center of your table to allow your guests a fun tidbit grilling experience. 
  • Serving Sushi? Present your signature sushi on beautifully nutritious, Himalayan Salt Sushi Presentation Blocks just like the pros at renowned Sushi bars around the world!

Salt Tequila Shot Glass Glasses

Salt Tequila Shot Glasses

Buy Salt Tequila Glasses


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